Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Horizontal Star Jumper

In surrender you sleep
hands, palms open, raised

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He’s climbing a castle ruin
at the top corner of the windscreen.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Following Surroundings I took some time to consider a list of contemporary poets I'd advise for new poetry readers and in doing so became very aware of how limited I am in my reading of living poets.

Anyway here's my list of 10 living poets, inevitably there is some overlap with others who also set out a list plus a strong Scottish presence:-

Simon Armitage
Seamus Heaney
Edwin Morgan
Wendy Cope
Mark Strand
Kathleen Jamie
Carol Ann Duffy
Derek Walcott
Liz Lochhead
Jo Shapcott

Some list stats include unintentional male/female equality which is pretty good considering the dizzy heights of poetrydom is, as in most fields, dominated by men. Also my list consists of 4 Scots, 3 English, 1 Irish, 1 Canadian, 1 West Indian.